31 December 2005

About the Author

Dr Chong-Yee Khoo was brought up among tropical orchids in Malaysia and Singapore, and now lives and works in Singapore as a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney, specialising in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the life sciences. Chong-Yee has been cultivating orchids as a hobby since 2000, with an emphasis on South East Asian orchids and Dendrobium species in particular. As a biologist, he maintains a keen interest in orchid science and conservation.

Chong-Yee has been a keen amateur photographer since 1982, working on medium format and 35 mm film. Since 2002, however, he has been taking photographs exclusively in digital format. He won a gold medal and a trophy for Best Photograph at the 18th World Orchid Conference, Dijon, and his photographic work has been published in the Orchid Review and in Astronomy magazine.

Chong-Yee has written for the Orchid Review and is an orchid judge accredited to the British Orchid Council. He has been awarded several Certificates of Cultural Commendation by the Royal Horticultural Society (UK).


John Riley said...

I wish I could see them as I am very involved in object photography. Why QT7?? There really is no need for it; the best codec for objects would be jpeg.

Anonymous said...

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