31 December 2005


You need Quicktime 7 to view the 3D orchid movies on this blog.

To download Quicktime 7, please visit the Apple website. The update software feature in (at least) the Windows version of Quicktime does not seem to work reliably, so please visit the website and download the software directly.

If you don't want to download iTunes with Quicktime 7, download the standalone installer.

Quicktime 7 is a free download, and you do not need to register for the Pro version to view the 3D images.

Note that if you have Quicktime 6 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to version 7.

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the images may take some time to load. Unfortunately, there is usually no feedback while the image is downloading, so please be patient.

Once the image appears, drag your mouse around the image to see different views of the object. To zoom in and out, press the + and - buttons. Clicking on the Maltese Cross changes the cursor and allows you to pan around a zoomed image.

This article gives a good introduction to Quicktime VR technology.

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