17 July 2008

Singapore Orchid Show 2008

The largest orchid show in Singapore!

Competitive Classes and Prize Winners’ Display: Individual plants and landscapes in 145 classes judged by 60 orchid judges from 15 countries

Schools Landscape Competition: Displays from 10 schools on the theme of ‘Flights of Fancy: Orchids for National Day’

Orchid Talks: Learn more about orchids and how to grow them from our experts (free)

Orchid Quizzes and Activities: 7 quizzes suitable for all ages, designed to test your knowledge of orchids. Complete 3 and exchange for a prize!

Batik Workshops: Learn how to make your own batiks with orchid motifs (nominal charge)

Photographic Display: Personal favourite and “best of” photos chosen by top orchid photographers

Orchid Species: A display of magnificent orchid species from the collection of the Singapore Botanic Garden

Orchid Hot Spots: We live in one of the most orchid rich areas of the world. Find out where else orchids are found and what threats they face

Heritage Orchids: Find out about the ‘Made in Singapore’ hybrids that put Singapore on the orchid map from this fascinating display

A marketplace of over 100 stalls selling a wide range of products, including orchid plants, is expected to be very popular with the 200,000 visitors expected during the festival.

For advance tickets, go to http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/ticketing02.html

(entry to the Singapore Garden Festival includes entry into the Singapore Orchid Show)

More information at http://www.singaporeorchidshow.com/


Philip Estenson said...

Thanks for sharing the Singapore Orchid Show link, I was only able to find the Singapore Garden Festival information but was not able to find the actual show link, thank you! I added this show to our Orchid Shows Calendar. Will you be attending the show and can you provide photos?
Thanks for the information...
Phillip Estenson

Chong-Yee said...

Hello, Philip.

Thanks for your comment.

I shall definitely be attending (I'm involved in organising the educational activities and miniature orchid display). I'll also be taking photos and posting them either on this blog or at www.dendrobium.org.



C. Harrison said...

Thanks for the information about the festival. The only festival I have been to is the New York orchid show which is a really great show. If the Singapore orchid show is as good as the New York show I will definitely think about attending.