08 January 2006

Flora Malesiana CD-ROMs to Include 3D Orchid Photos

I see from 3D Imaging page of the ETI Bioinformatics website that ETI "is considering including stereo images in a forthcoming title in the Flora Malesiana: Orchids of New Guinea series".

I have both Volumes I and II of these CD-ROMs, which are excellent. I recommended these as gifts for orchid lovers in my 2005 Gift Guide, published in the Nov/Dec 2005 edition of the Orchid Review.

Steroscopic images of orchids would fit in very well with these publications, and would add immensely to their educational value, I feel. The only drawback of such steroscopic imaging is that the user needs to wear the filtered glasses. I can't imagine sitting around with these, staring at my computer screen, for too long.

Perhaps ETI will also consider including Quicktime VR object movies of orchids in the Flora Malesiana CD-ROMs, too?

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