11 January 2006

Quicktime 7 Required!

You need to have Quicktime installed on your computer, and it needs to be Version 7, in order to view the orchid images. Version 6, for example, won't work.

Here's how to tell which version of Quicktime you have:

On a Mac, launch Quicktime Player in your Applications folder (or via a Spotlight search), and select the menuitem About Quicktime... from the Quicktime Player menu.

On a Windows machine, click the Quicktime icon (looks like a Q) in the System Tray, then select About Quicktime... Depending on the settings, however, the Quicktime icon may not appear in the System Tray. In that event, you will need to locate the Quicktime Player (by using Start:Programs:Quicktime:Quicktime Player??), launch it, and select the About Quicktime Player... menuitem from the Help menu.

To download Quicktime 7, please visit the Apple website here. The update software feature in (at least) the Windows version of Quicktime does not seem to work reliably, so please visit the website and download the software directly.

If you don't want to download iTunes with Quicktime 7, download the standalone installer.

Quicktime 7 is a free download, and you do not need to register for the Pro version to view the 3D images.

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