08 January 2006

Steroscopic Images of Orchids

This is a rather different type of 3D visualisation technology - a bit old-tech, but it works well when it works.

Here's a bit about how it's done. A pair of images is captured from two positions offset from one another, representing the two images seen by our two eyes. A composite image is generated with one view in one colour, and the other in another colour. The viewer dons a pair of glasses, with coloured filters instead of lenses. The filter over the left eye blocks the image captured by the right lens, and vice versa; the effect is that the left eye sees the left view, and the right eye sees the right view. The brain then does some clever jiggery-pokery and merges the binocular images together into a 3D representation.

The actual image of what looks like an intruiging Bulbophyllum species is here. Does anyone have a pair of glasses I could borrow?

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Mil de Reus, ETI BioInformatics said...

Dear Chong-Yee Khoo,

Please send your address to ETI and we will be happy to send you a pair of coloured glasses.