15 January 2006

New Super Sized 3D Orchid Images

Since this website was launched earlier this week, I've received some very valuable feedback from visitors (thank you - you know who you are!). It turns out that many people do not have Quicktime 7, and one of the things asked for was support for versions of Quicktime earlier than 7. Another was for larger images with higher resolution.

I pleased to say that I've now made higher resolution versions of each of the 3D orchid images which do not rely on Quicktime 7!

The "super" versions are at 480 x 360 pixels, and are 225% larger than the standard 320 x 240 images. The images have been compressed using Photo-JPEG, and you should be able to see much more detail in the orchids. Furthermore, they have 72 frames (one view every 5 degrees), so the movement should be silky smooth.

The only downside is (of course) file size. Super-size versions are between 1.8 M to 2.5 M in size. However, if you've got a fast internet connection and some patience, I think you will agree that it is worth the wait!

The "super" sized versions do not require Quicktime 7 to view; you should be able to view the images using any version of Quicktime that supports JPEG decompression (possibly all the way back to version 1.0?).

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